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Intro, a non-profit organization, makes festivals, shows, indoor events, sports events and other events such as fairs, trainings and conferences accessible to individuals with a visual, auditory, physical or mental limitation and autistic people. Furthermore, Intro develops inclusive projects to improve the accessibility of the event and leisure sector for disabled people.

Disabled people want to participate in the growing number of events, but they are often confronted with practical discomforts. Intro wants to tackle these discomforts by focusing on the accessibility of the information and the environment.

Intro advocates equal opportunities for disabled people. It wants to make society and its policy makers aware of the importance of accessible events and of an inclusive society in which people with and without a disability can meet.

Intro does not advocate a privileged status, but wants solutions to practical problems. This way, disabled people have a choice to participate in an event without being influenced by the inaccessibility of the environment.