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Legs & testaments

Reduce the inheritance tax for your heirs by supporting the good cause? It is possible thanks to the option 'legs in duo'!
>Even if you are not here, you can support Intro and continue your involvement for disabled people. Indeed, by choosing this option, you advantages your heirs AND the good cause of your choice. By being supportive,you give a fiscal advantage to your heirs.

In case of an inheritance between persons, the tax inheritance can be around 80%. Those are the taxes that your heirs will have to pay when they accept the inheritance, and they won't really benefit from it.

If you choose the option 'legs in duo', Intro takes charge of the inheritance taxes of your heirs and you will help a lot of persons with a disability.

Who will benefit from your donations?

Intro asbl will use your donation for several objectives. For example, the organisation of inclusive events or the improvement of the events' accessibility.  The information on our website and in our newsletter give you an idea of the projects and actions that Intro do

Contact us

Katrien Gelders, Intro, can explain you more in details the different ways of supporting Intro. Don't hesitate to contact her for more information:

Katrien Gelders (
Belgiëplein 1
3510 Hasselt
tél. 011/28 57 43

To get involved as a company

The Corporate Social Responsability encourage the companies to choose a social involvement. So whay not be involved to help the disabled people?With a partner like Intro asbl, you will support the events accessibility.
For more information, contact Katrien Gelders by phone at
n° +32 011/28 57 43 or by email to:

Support Intro cn take two different aspects:


The daily life of Intro is asking investments. Instead of offering a financial help, you can also provide products or services like, for example, office material, computers,printing, talkies-walkies, etc. All the reduction of our costs allows Intro to have invest more for the good cause.

Customized support

Each company is unique and has its own audience, its own activities, missions and associates. A costumized action is then the most favourable solution, for your company and for Intro. Let's see together how to translate your involvement in concrete actions.

Intro thanks you