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Do you want your event to be accessible to disabled persons? Contact Intro and together we can work out an appropriate solution. Intro offers customized advice and support with the practical aspects of organizing your event.

What do we provide?


  • Loop systems: take away ambient sounds that disturb people with hearing aids;
  • Audio description: by means of a headphone, blind and visually impaired persons receive additional information about what’s happening on/off the scene, the field, …
  • Flemish sign language interpreters: these interpreters for deaf and hearing impaired persons are often used at the reception;
  • Vibrating chairs: transform sounds into vibrations, enabling deaf and hearing impaired persons to ‘feel’ music and other sounds;
  • Ramps: small metal riding profiles eliminating level differences up to 10 centimeters;
  • Through subcontracting, Intro also offers other materials such as adapted toilets and showers, viewing platforms, etc. to make an event accessible.


  • Customized accessibility advice;
  • Communication support and/or professionally dealing with disabled persons’ questions;
  • A general follow-up of accessibility efforts during the event;
  • ADL assistants: they are a contact point for disabled persons, control the appropriate use of the facilities and provide assistance (Activities Daily Life) when needed;
  • A screening and evaluation of the event’s accessibility.

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Do you want your event to be accessible? Are you organizing a music festival? Perhaps you can claim free support and a financial allowance for your efforts.