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Article 1 - Who is eligible?

The Intro-OK-label is given to organizers that improve their accessibility by collaborating with Intro.

When basic accessibility conditions are met, the label is given to the organizer before the actual event.

Article 2 – The basic accessibility

The basic conditions are the following:

● The information concerning the accessibility should at least be spread on the event website or in a brochure (if the event doesn't have its own website).

● The event should have a special parksite for disabled people near the main entrance and a parking near the campsite (even if the ampingsite is for disabled people only).

● All public areas are accessible to disabled people. If this is not the case, this has to be communicated well in advance.

● Specific measures are taken to ensure a good visibility for wheelchairs users, people with reduced mobility, blind and visually impaired (+60%).

● There are enough accessible sanitary units.

● Guide dogs are allowed on site of the event. However, the organizer can ask for a proof of the dog owner. This rule is also applicable for dogs in training.

The previous guidelines are the basic conditions to obtain the label.

Considering its special mission, Intro can't support inaccessible events. Therefore, if in reality the event doesn't respect the conditions, it won't get the label for the following edition.

Article 3 – Intro support

An extra condition to obtain the label is to collaborate with Intro. This collaboration can consist of:

● a brief analysis of the accessibility

● an exam of the communication around the event's accessibility

● general advice about accessibility

● communication on the Intro-website & Uit In Vlaanderen

● follow-up on questions of disabled people

● evaluation of the accessibility during the event

● Intro-volunteers to inform and assist disabled people

● specific equipmentsuch as a hearing loop

● general coordination of the accessibility

● a full evaluation and advice for the next edition

● ...

Depending on the kind of support the organizer wants, the price for the Intro-OK-label will change. However, this will always be a realistic price.

Our offer is adapted to all kinds of events. Intro is a very flexible organization and will adapt to the specific request of an organizer.

Article 4 - Evaluation

During the event, Intro can evaluate the actual accessibility. This report can be consulted the day itself and the evaluation will be sent by email to the organizers within two months after the event.

The organiser give free access to at least two people from Intro during the event.

Article 5 – How to ask?

The organizers have to fill in a registration form six weeks before the event. Events that take place between the 1st of June and the 30th of September must subscribe before the 20th of May. If within two weeks after your registration, you didn't receive an answer, please email your registration form to evenementen@intro-events.be.

Because communication is very important, Intro advises organizers to contact us as soon as possible.

Article 6 - Promotion

Intro promotes the events that obtained the Intro-OK-label through differen means of communication.

All the events with the label are promoted on the Intro-website. If your event is also on the agenda Uit In Vlaanderen, Intro will quote your event as 'accessible' in the database of de Cultuurnet Vlaanderen.

All the organisers who suscribe to obtain the label give their irrevocable agreement to communicate on the accessibility efforts made.

Article 7 - Conditions

Each organiser working with Intro, engages to :

● allow the presence of two banners with the Intro logo on it (or plan an alternative promotion)

● allow Intro to communicate the accessibility efforts made.

● have reserved parking space near the entrance for an Intro employee.

● offer free access to at least two people from Intro during the event.

Article 8 - Confidentiality

According to the Privacy-law of 8 December 1992, Intro informs the participants that their personal details will only be used for this initiative.

Article 9 - Extra

The registration to the label involves that the rules and the clause of this guideline are fully accepted.